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Understanding Landlord Tenant Law

Whether you are a residential or commercial landlord or tenant, the landlord-tenant relationship can be complex, and complying with the technical procedure of landlord/tenant court can often prove to be daunting.

As a landlord, there may come a time when it has become difficult to collect rent from a particular tenant, or when you would like to make the premises vacant for yourself or another. As a residential landlord, there are thorny issues regarding rent regulation in New York City which must be understood and addressed in order to assure a landlord's financial well-being.

As a commercial landlord or tenant, leases must be negotiated, drafted, reviewed and sometimes surrendered. In addition, it is crucial to understand the attitudes of the courts in different counties toward landlord-tenant matters, so as to be able to plan and negotiate appropriately in any given situation.

As a residential tenant, it is important to know your rights and responsibilities, and the remedies you may have available to various problems. Your landlord is responsible for providing you with a livable space with basic services, free from vermin, such as mice, cockroaches and bedbugs. Rent regulation, with its myriad rules and provisions, can provide another layer of protection.

As either a landlord or tenant, it can be difficult and frustrating to go it alone when dealing with the problems that inevitably arise in such a relationship. Time and money-consuming mistakes can be avoided with guidance from an experienced landlord-tenant attorney.

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