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Real Estate

A home is the single largest investment in most people’s lives. Whether buying or selling, it is wise to bring an experienced attorney on board as soon as you begin the process to avoid the potential hazards associated with this major transaction. Too often buyers and sellers wait until the last moment before consulting a lawyer, fearing additional costs. The reality is that we don’t charge more if you involve us from the very beginning and by waiting, you are denying yourself the benefit of good legal advice when you may need it most.

Real Estate transactions can appear and often are routine but it's important to have an experienced real-estate attorney who can handle the unusual circumstances that can arise and identify potential problems often overlooked by inexperienced or bargain rate attorneys. These problems usually surface later when it is too late.

In any home purchase or sale, there are a number of details to attend to, each of which must be properly handled to ensure a smooth transition. The buyer and seller must agree on what exactly is included in the transaction (for example, appliances, lighting fixtures, draperies). Taxes and utility bills must be accounted for. The property must be properly designated as 1-family, 2-family or more (not always as easy as it seems). Close attention must be paid to insure that the original structure and any additions have the necessary permits, certificates of occupancy or certificates of completion. An inspection should be conducted to ensure there are no hidden problems with the property. A title report must be obtained and reviewed with close attention being paid that the purchaser is receiving "good title" and assistance being given to the seller in conveying "good title". Most importantly, each party must be financially protected in the event of an unexpected problem. Call us today for a FREE CONSULTATION